Personalized training plans, AMAZING results!

Run Your Race(RYR) has spent the last 5 years pacing events across the state of Utah helping runners achieve their goals. RYR Coaches love running with, coaching and studying athletes of all ranges. Fast, slow, young & old and from all walks of life.
This has allowed us to put together programs that get you real results.
Together with our athlete board of Physicians, Health Practitioners, Professional Athletes and our very own Sports Psychologist we can help you take your athletic game to the next level!

It is so easy to find a cookie cutter program on line, in a book or in a magazine. Although O.K. for the novice runner, these programs do not provide you with feedback to help you maximize your potential or keep you from suffering injuries or worse, start bad running habits. With an RYR coach working directly with you, you will understand the purpose of each workout.

Part of a good coaching is to be able to communicate with your coach on a regular basis. You can ask questions, work through challenges, get advice about your running goals, gear, race nutrition and strategy. We will help you avoid or deal with physical or mental blocks.

RYR coaching will create a training plan that is specifically developed for you. Instead of a one size fits all approach to training you receive a plan that was engineered to your specific needs and abilities.

Coaches Holly & Steph

Holly and Stephanie are Certified Running Coaches with many years of running experience. Stephanie and Holly have been training together for the past 7 years. They’ve each ran many marathons and more half marathons than they can count. They decided to take their passion for running a step further and became running coaches so they can share their passion for running and helping others achieve their goals.

Stephanie Anderson

As well as being a Certified Running Coach Steph is also a certified personal trainer that wants to help runners better their form by helping them strengthen their bodies and help with any muscle imbalances.

Nathan Last - Mental Conditioning Coach *Mental Grit

Nathan's passion for all things performance began early on and it has stayed with him ever since. However, what really peaked his interest was that with the science of Sports Psychology backing him, he could not only do something to change his mindset, attitude, motivation, focus,resilience and happiness, but also help others do the same.

Holly Garcia

Holly is a seasoned runner that has taken her passion for running, from when she was a teenager, to channel her energy to helping others achieve their best. Her experience & Certification has given her the tools she needs to help you even more!

Current pricing is $60 a month & will include

*Fitness assessment with a thorough evaluation of your current fitness level, your racing history, and training goals

*Weekly personalized training plan (in 3-5 week outlines)

*Weekly evaluation of training sessions

*A calculation of your Anaerobic & Vo2 Max used to calculate the pace and intensity of your interval runs, race and recovery paces.

*Re testing of Anaerobic and Vo2 Max Thresholds every 3-5 weeks to allow fine tuning of training

*Unlimited email/phone/messaging communication

*Access to our weekly Saturday long runs

*Goal-setting mentoring

  • Your email will only be used for training services that you request or sign up for.
  • Give us an idea where you are as an overall runner.
  • Will only be used to contact you for training purposes.
  • This is just for the initial consultation. We will establish best form of communication moving forward.


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