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We spent the last 5 years not only running and competing in endurance events but also dealing with our fair share of sport related injuries. This experience with many doctors and specialists has gotten us to the point were we have learned what works and who does it better. We have also learned that you do NOT need to be injured to be in recovery mode, but that properly recovering will help you steer clear of serious injuries!
This is why we have teamed up & assembled what we feel is the best team to help us focus on the best possible recovery. Follow our network of Doctors and Professionals to stay fit, get strong and be in the best shape possible so that you are able to do what you love to do even more.

Join us for one of our fantastic clinics to learn more or contact any of our partners for special introductory deals for being an RYR pacers follower and fantastic on going treatment from the RYR Recovery team!

Dr. Eric Walker, DC, CCSP

Dr. Eric Walker is a chiropractor in Provo. He is also one of the few Certified Chiropractic Sports Physicians in the state of Utah, which means he specializes in the treatment and management of sports-related injuries. Being a runner himself, Dr. Walker can appreciate the aches and pains that accompany the highs of long distance running. He can help to increase joint range of motion and correct dysfunctional movement patterns in athletes. Most importantly he can help you get out of pain quickly so you can get back to what you love.


Professional Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine- Co-owned since 1995 by Steven J. Orrock, MPT, ATC, and Wendell B. Mendenhall, MPT, we have a long history of successful and satisfied patients. Steve's approach to your treatment is first to listen to and understand your injury/condition from YOUR perspective, develop a treatment plan with YOUR goals, and to help you understand the nature of your injury/condition and assist you through the healing and strengthening process. His team have successfully worked with runners of all levels and abilities for over 25 years. Steve is one of the premiere Sports Therapists for running injuries in Utah county. Specialties: Sports Injuries, Post Surgery Recovery, Work Related Injuries, Auto Accident Injuries, Overuse/Chronic Injuries/Conditions, Run/Bike evaluations

Brock Roberts Cryotherapy

With a background in business and elite level soccer, Brock put a plan to gather all the most helpful modalities he had studied and found for his own recovery and for athletes like him, and he built -250º Cryotherapy, a sports recovery day spa that boasts the most advanced whole body cryo sauna in the world, and top of the line equipment and facilities throughout. -250º Cryotherapy takes recovery to new levels with the goal to provide the most impact, complete, and enjoyable range of treatments for athletes and anyone pushing themselves to higher limits, or suffering from pain for any reason.

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