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Sonja Davidson

Running is pure joy. Whether I am racing, training, or enjoying casual miles with friends, I truly adore the mental and physical connection that running brings. Pacing has brought a whole new element of fun to the sport I already loved so much, because it allows me to help other runners reach a goal. I LOVE when a runner comes up after a race and tells me that my pacing helped them get across the finish line. It puts the biggest smile on my face-- not for me, but because I played a small role in helping them achieve a goal.

Kirk White

FAVORITE QUOTE OR MANTRA: You paid a heavy price to get to this point and this race. BEST PIECE OF ADVICE TO A NEW RUNNER: Use what conditioning you built and finish the race Run most every day even a little bit, get out the doors and run, you will always feel great you made the effort that day.

Holly Garcia

Take care of your body and be grateful for every run you GET to do!

Katie Fothergill Romrell

Marathon advice for new runner: be consistent in your training, sometimes you will have to run when you don't want to Favorite Quote: That voice inside your head that says you can't do this is a liar!

Monnica Lott Skinner

Lives in Orem, Utah Favorite place to run... Zion National Park Favorite distance... 13.1 miles (half marathon) Favorite quote... Run HAPPY... A 6 minute mile is the same distance as a 12 minute mile Best advice to give new runner... Remember to 'always' have fun!! Favorite movie... Adventures in Babysitting

Julia Hubbard Simpson

CURRENTLY RESIDING: Saratoga Springs, UT FAVORITE DISTANCE:Any place I can run with friends! 26.2! FAVORITE QUOTE OR MANTRA:Pain.Pride.Perseverance. BEST PIECE OF ADVICE TO A NEW RUNNER: Believe in YOU. You are capable of more than you even know. Don't be afraid to set big goals/dreams and go after them! You will most likely surprise yourself! FAVORTE MOVIE OR SONG: A league of their own

Jenni Archibald

Currently Lives in: Logan, Utah FAVORITE PLACE TO RUN: The trails around Cache Valley, FAVORITE DISTANCE: Anywhere and as long as my feet can carry me FAVORITE QUOTE OR MANTRA: Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't. Jenni says, "I love to be outside and close to nature. I love to pace so I can help others achieve their goals"

Jonathan Crampton

I was told at 16 that I looked like a runner

Brandon Borget

I love running because of the friendly community and the opportunity everyone has to compete against the very best. I also like it because anyone can be the best if they just put in the work.


Kari Shepard

Makes me feel free. It's up to me on how far, what time, and where I go. I started running to loose that darn baby fat and I hated every step. After getting some wt off I began to feel great and it didn't hurt any more. Now I just love it, I've run multiple obstacles courses, Ragnars, 5k, Halfs, and now I have 2 Fulls under my belt. I think I got my husband hooked. We are signed up for several more this year and look forward to many more.

Karrie Middaugh

I love meeting runners and pacers. It's a privilege to help others reach their goals. My biggest thrill was being there to assist a cancer survivor qualify for The Boston Marathon at the Revel Big Cottonwood 2013 race. Her husband had already qualified and was pacing their daughter who qualified that day as well."

Paul Fulton

I feel that running has done so much for me in all aspects of my life and love helping others to realize their goals and share the joy I myself feel when someone can bring themselves to accomplish what they set out to do

Jorge Garcia

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Pace, Nutrition, Form"
NEW RUNNER ADVICE: Run solo, run with a group, find a running buddy, but whatever you do, just run!

Joshua Hansen

Lives in: Bountiful, Utah Favorite Distance: 13.1 miles Favorite Quote: "You're best is always right in front of you!" Best advice for new runner: Have fun! Favorite movie or song: Anything U2!

Matt Orr

I started running to support my sister as she attempted her first marathon in 2012. At the time, I had only ever run a couple 5k races.
My first marathon was really difficult, but when I recovered, I signed up for my 2nd full happening 1 month after my first. Since then, I've been hooked. I joined the online running community and realized that there are so many people all working towards the same goals. The most amazing thing I see is that inside this sport, there is healthy competition. But there is so much support from everyone. It really is a family with everyone looking out for and supporting everyone else.
I've paced one race as an official pacer. That was an incredible experience. It was fun to see and talk with people who were giving everything they had to reach their goals. And it was cool to be a part of their journey.

Jay Terpenning

I actually don't like running that much! lol, I'd much rather be lifting heavy things or swimming! But in the beginning of 2011 decided I really needed to do something about my health. I'm 5'9 and I weighed about 280 lbs! So one day after work I went for a run. Ha, I thought I'd be able to run a real slow mile... I made it about .10 of a mile before I was completely out of breath. I hadn't realized till then how unhealthy I had become. So I walked, I walked and walked for months till I could run for a few minutes. It took me almost 2 years before I ran my first half marathon!

I run now because I have 3 boys that will eat me for dinner if i show weakness! I love it because i get to meet awesome new people! I love being part of that journey towards goals that better ourselves. It takes a certain character to get to a point where you're able to run 3+ miles, and surrounding myself with those awesome people makes me happy. So I guess I run because I selfish and want their awesome to rub off on me! (=


Corey Skinner

Lives in Orem, Utah-Favorite place to run, Zionism National Park-Favorite distance, Half Marathon-Favorite quote, Run like there's a hot chick in front of you, and a creepy one behind you-Best advice for new runner, Don't be cheap on a good pair of shoes-Favorite movie, Mobsters and Mormons

Connie Lyons

I absolutely love running. It has served well as a mother to be able to get out and clear my mind from silly cartoons, diapers and crazy kids. I didn't get into racing until 2014, where I did the Huntsville Half Marathon. It was such an unbelievable experience. I couldn't believe I hadn't been racing my entire life! I also love training. I love trying to be better and faster than previous races on the same courses. Running helps me become alive!

Stephanie Anderson

Run for the fun of it, don't take it too seriously. Also, consider running a full marathon...it will change our life. A lot of runners start off saying they will never run a full, I know I did, but make it a goal to complete at least one!

Rachelle Ann Wardle

Advice to a new runner: Act like a horse.Be dumb, just run :-) Relax and enjoy the experience.The race should be the reward for hard training. Favorite Movie: Girls just want to have fun.

Melissa Terpenning

Running helps me feel better mentally and physically. I like pushing myself to beat my own PR's and have really enjoyed getting to know the running community.

Johnny Ahn

Lives in: Provo, UT FAVORITE PLACE TO RUN: Big Cottonwood Canyon FAVORITE DISTANCE: Half Marathon YOUR FAVORITE RUNNING QUOTE OR MANTRA: I don't have time to run, I make time. BEST PIECE OF ADVICE TO A NEW RUNNER: Find a coach or running coach friend to advise you, then stay consistent with your training plan. FAVORITE MOVIE OR SONG: I listen to the 2012 USA Olympic Marathon Trials as I go to bed at night, does that count?

Matthew Best

Lives in: Orem, Utah FAVORITE PLACE TO RUN: The front of Timp. The trails are AMAZING!! FAVORITE DISTANCE: Half marathon- FAVORITE QUOTE OR MANTRA: "This is fun. This is fun. This is fun..." BEST PIECE OF ADVICE TO A NEW RUNNER: No excuses. Just run. FAVORITE MOVIE OR SONG: I love listening to the Into the Wild soundtrack by Eddie Vedder, especially while running the trails.