The RYR Pacers Story

When Run Your Race Pacers was first conceived back in 2012 we came together as friends and family to start something new. A group of runners that would volunteer in races to help runners meet their goals. Always for free never charging our race directors or runners for our service. We literally get paid in high fives and sweaty hugs.
Fast forward to today and we have now ran countless races, still volunteering, still coaching, still inspiring everyone to "Run Their Race". We pace races across our beautiful state helping runners of all ages and abilities break records, meet their individual goals, stay running and avoid typical running injuries.
Our team of Physicians, Coaches and Professionals are here to keep you running strong!
So when you see us out there, either on a group run, on a trail, racing with you or pacing one of our great events say hi.


"We strive to provide a positive running experience to athletes of all levels, our objective is to help all of those around us achieve their running goals"


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~ Run with us
~ Volunteer with us
~ We are fun, energetic and inspiring
~ We pace as volunteers, as a service to runners and event directors
~ We are involved our communities making a difference at every race we take part of
~ We pace and run in Utah's most beautiful and unique events, with reputable race directors and their partners
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By partnering with top event directors since 2012, every year we have had the opportunity to run with over 75K athletes across the state. With a pacer group that comes together from Arizona, Colorado, Lass Vegas, California. Our local team comes from all over Utah, from Logan to Tooele, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, and Cache counties to be part of the amazing race scene!